Sep 17 Scores earned on James Suckling 2017



James Suckling is one of the most important wine critics of today, whose views are sound and respected by wine lovers, wine collectors and wine trade around the world.

His method of tasting is quite classic. Watch the color, evaluate the aromas and the flavors of the wines. It analyzes the balance between fruit, alcohol, tannins and acidity. After thinking about wine in general, Thus, it destines 15 points to the color, 25 to the aromas, 25 to the passage by mouth and 35 to the final impression.

In short, James Suckling is his own corporation, one made with pulse,nose and mouth. Asked why things keep him excited about an industry he hasworked for 35 years, says that every day sees different stories. “Just as every person has a story,every bottle has his own.”

Together with James (editor), his son Jack (editor-in-chief)and Nick Stock (collaborating editor), spent a week in Spain visiting wine ries and tasting nearly 1,200 wines at the end of June.

Pazo Pondal was scored with 89 points for Leira Pondal and Pazo Pondal Godello, and our beloved Pazo Pondal Albariño obtained 93 points.